Request of new Retail Company registration

The SWIM-Pool public portal provides retailers with a real time view of any open processes being communicated to this wholesaler together with the ability to create any of the retailer initiated forms defined within OSD0601
This page is for the initial registration of your company with SWIM-Pool.
If your company is already registered and you need a new user log in, please contact your system administration who can set that up.
For any other issues, please contact the wholesaler.
If your company is not listed here, please contact the wholesaler.
We may need to contact you regarding this registration application.
Please provide some contact details here
The most effective way to use SWIM-Pool is to use the web portal by selecting the tickbox below. If you elect not to use the portal please choose an alternative offline method for receiving forms

Please provide the details of the first administration user who will create all other log ins for your company